Felghana Site Updated / Yahoo Games Ranking Update

Ys Oath in Felghana PSP Moving up in rankings
The game is currently ranked 8 in the anticipation list.
It is currently below Star Ocean 4 PS3 (7), Final Fantasy Versus XIII (6), and Final Fantasy XIV (5).To see the games, follow the link below.

Ys Oath in Felghana PSP Website Updated.
Special Page Updated–
Cast interview section now includes comments from the voice actor for McGuire.

PC/PSP Wallpapers Updated–
Elena Wallpaper is now up – this will be in place until 1/28.

Theresolutions available are:
PSP – 420×272

Character Page Updated:
A subcharacters page is now included with profiles for the following:
Count McGuire (voice: Ootori Ryuuzaburou), Elizabetha (voice: Dai Natsuki), Alice (voice: Yamaguchi Maya), Christof (voice: Endou Tomoka).

There are screenshots and images from 4gamer.net posted in the gallery as well.

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[ Oath in Felghana PSP Website ]
[ 4gamer.net article ]

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