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Falcom’sGreat Twitter Contest
Posted on @NihonFalcom today: If you put the tag ‘#Felghana’ at the end of your post while tweeting about Oath in Felghana, you will be eligible for prizes.

Contest ends on 2/22 at 9am Japan Time.

Weekly Specials
Looking to the Sky ~Sora no Kiseki Vocal Collection~ (Originally 2980 yen)
The Songs of Zemeth ~ Ys 6 Vocal Collection (Originally 2800 yen)
The Vocal from Ys+alpha (Originally 1980 yen)
Sora no Kiseki Postcard Mini set (Not for Sale)

The total for this set is 7760 yen. The special price is –> 4700 yen!
This special is good until 2/25 or until 20 orders have been made.

VM Japan+Power Up Kit (Originally 3960 yen) for 2800 yen.
The Legend of Heroes V: Cagesong of the Ocean (Originally 3960 yen) for 3300 yen.
Original Soundtrack “Ys Shrine of the Heavens” JDK Band Version (Originally 1980 yen) for 1200 yen.
Perfect Collection Ys I-II Ryo Yonemitsu Complete Set (Originally 2980 yen) for 1900 yen.

These sales are good from 2/19 to 3/4.

Felghana Website Updated
The system page now details the item and combo engine, as well as the difficulty modes found in the game. The screenshot shows: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare.

Perhaps Inferno is in it, due to the inclusion of Very Easy?

Special section updated-
New wallpaper added- of Alice this week.
(I’m too lazy to edit the image down.)

Resolutions available:
PSP – 480×272

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