Specials + YsF Page Updated + Ys vs Sora no Kiseki + More!

Happy spring break, everyone!

I dropped in a couple of updates if you’ve been following on twitter, but I’ll repeat them here:

YsI-II-Seven Set is Out
See that? It’s out. I’ll be removing it from the release list on the right, over there.

Dogi-Radio Post on 3/24
Per Falcom’s twitter, Dogi-Radio will be updated on 3/24 with the results of the Ys Character Ranking Poll. Who do you think got first place? Where do you think Zava placed? (These are questions off of the tweet about it. :o)

More Ys vs Sora no Kiseki information
Warning, as most of this comes from 2ch, it’s still very unverified.
I do have two more scans posted in the gallery. They’re very large, though, and not very good quality.

These images come from the thumbnails. Go check out the Ys vs Sora no Kiseki gallery in the site gallery to see larger res versions!

They do show us this much:
Tita uses Napalm Breath
Olivier has Requiem Hearts (/yes/)
Joshua has Evil Eye- which I think would be evil in an action RPG. :o
And that is most certainly Jurio and Chris from ED3. :o

I also have images from Dengeki’s recent blog entries about the magazine article:

And three tiny images of the article itself:

Scans of the article would still be appreciated. They never seemed to pop up on 2ch.

Speaking of 2ch. A new Dengeki article apparently has more information:
*Adol’s introduction describes the use of fire magic.
*The Sora no Kiseki characters were summoned *after* the events of 3rd.
*Effort was put in so that the dialogue between the Ys and Sora no Kiseki character would not feel unnatural.
*There are a lot of support characters to assist the player characters.
*A large number of Falcom’s works are referenced in this, if not in player characters, then through the support chars.
*During the three months of audio recording, the BGM work was started as well. There should be no less than 100 songs in the game.
*They’re pushing the UMD capacity to the limit for this game.

oof. Now for updates from Falcom’s page itself.

Ys Seven Set 2 Released for Cell Phones
These have gone out to the three main carriers in Japan already.

Ys Oath in Felghana Guidebook
The original guidebook is being remade to include the changes in the PSP version.
This guidebook will be released on 4/22, along with the game. I will update the release date information on this.

Oath in Felghana Website Updated
*Oath in Felghana will be released for download on 4/22 through the Playstation Store in Japan, as well.

*System Page Updated
W-BOOST section now updated.
When the Brave Gauge hits max, if you press the Triangle key, it will activate boost mode.
Attack speed is increased, as well as damage taken will be halved.
When W-Boost is activated, HP will be restored in relation to number of hits in the combo.

*New Wallpaper
This week, it’s Father Pierre~

PSP – 480×272

This wallpaper will be up from 3/18 ~ 3/25

Ys VI Set this week~

Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim (Vista Ed) (Originally 3960 yen)
Original Soundtrack Ys VI Ark of Napishtim (Originally 2980 yen)
The Songs of Zemeth ~ Ys 6 Vocal Version (Originally 2800 yen)
Ys VI Movie Collection (Not for Sale) This item is from the Falcom Box 2004

The total for this set is 9,740 yen. The special price is –> 4700 yen!
This special is good until 3/25 or until 20 orders have been made.

The Legend of Heroes IV Tear of Vermillion (Originally 3960 yen) for 3300 yen.
Vantage Master Portable (Originally 3960 yen) for 2900 yen.
Original Soundtrack Legend of Heroes IV Tear of Vermillion (Originally 2980 yen) for 1900 yen.
Ys Healing (Originally 2800 yen) for 1800 yen.

These sales are good from 3/19 ~ 4/1

Falcom Music Located~
Now for something completely different. Since Falcom allowed for free use of their music, check out Ryosuke Ishida in the 2010 West Japan Yo-Yo Contest, using tracks from Oath in Felghana in his entry.

Sora no Kiseki Manga Teaser Stuff
Sora no Kiseki chapter 7 is released on 4/1.
However, they tweeted this image of the sample pages.
Go, Olivier, go~~


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