Quelling a rumor!

We interrupt your regular moment of ‘omg’ing over the Ys vs Sora no Kiseki demo movie to shut down a rumor I’ve come across.

I’ll let the tweetshots do the talking for me:

[ ]XSEEDGames @ Twitter ]

3 Replies to “Quelling a rumor!”

  1. LOL!! There was this rumor? That's crazy! I totally agree that all the work would just kill him unless you have tons of Redbulls…. wait, redbulls give you wings so we need wing clippers… Anyway, haha, it shouldn't be rushed.

  2. Well, they can split up the trilogy between three teams of translators, script writers and editors, but that would result in very awkward situations – and I doubt XSeed has THAT much money on hand. And Falcom might not be overjoyed having to incorporate the English dialogue into all three games at once (Normal practice for localization of Japanese games for US release is the Japanese company doing the programming work incorporating the English language script into the game.). C.T.

  3. So basically, we can expect to get FC and not the rest, because there won't be a PSP market in the US by 2012.

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