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Now that I’m done with the issues of my past two semesters, let’s get an actual update! Yay! The first in how long? Well, let’s not make that a habit any longer, shall we? My Japanese is a bit rusty, so if there’s anythng wrong with my translations, please let me know. :)

Zerono Kiseki Website Updated

Character Updates
Lazy Hemisphere. Don’t mistake that ‘L’ as a real L. It’s actually an “l with stroke” – which turns it, in Polish, to a ‘w’ sound.
17 years old.
An impressive boy with a gender neutral face, cool attitude, and a mysterious, sarcastic wit. He is the leader of the intelligence focused gang known as the Testaments. Somehow, his charisma has led the other members into revering him as a leader. His pride in combat is through hand-to-hand combat and quick footwork.

Wald Wales
20 years old.
The great leader of the fighters gang known as the Saber Vipers. With his powerful, and brutal strength, he is accompanied by a large number of gang members. While he is hot blooded and cruel, he is surprisingly protective and truly cares for those who follow him. He uses a wooden sword strengthened by chains coiled around it, and is said to be able to tear apart iron doors with a single strike.

This once beautiful section of the city has fallen to decline as it was left behind by Crossbell’s urban development. Throughout its market, one can easily find shops of illegal goods, and it is constantly the stage of conflicts between two rivals gangs.

Arts is the general term used for any magic generated through the use of orbments, and within combat, they are put into use in exchange for EP (Energy Points). Each character possesses the “Enigma” Tactical Grade Orbment and a set of quartz. Through the use of quartz, it’s possible to strengthen the characters, and certain combinations allow for specific sets of spells.

This game will feature a large number of new arts, both offensive and supporting. Different arts can change the advantage in combat in different ways.

Chrono Drive
Time Element Support Art
All allies within the area of effect will have their speed accellerated for a specific amount of time.

Avalon Gate
Illusion Element Attack Art
A gate in the heavens opens and the light of judgement rains down on all enemies.

Special Section contains an interview with the voice actress cast to play KeA.

Yahoo! Games Ranking
Ys vs Sora no Kiseki has taken the #1 slot on the player satisfaction rankings on Yahoo! Japan.
Sora no Kiseki FC follows it up with position #2.

Sweet. :D

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