Uh… You know that Ys Seven game?

I’m sure you all noticed Ys Seven came out recently.

I not only noticed, but I was absent from last week’s update because of it. I promise I’ll get better. For now, I’ve got things to provide in hopes of an apology for missing out.

JDKBand Concert
Yes, I noticed the link was down, because Falcom removed the archive from Ustream.

For now, the Sanctuary Crew has come to save the day. While the VideoOnDemand viewer isn’t configured to match the format of the rest of the site, they do have the full concert posted here.

Zero no Kiseki Flyer
Falcom’s giving out pamphlet flyers to anyone who preorders Zero no Kiseki in stores in Japan. I just got my hands on scans of the thing.

Esterior Updates
I’m finally catching up on updating the release calendar. Sorry for taking so long. I’ve also become a bit enamored with the wordpress system on Eidenyaku. So I might end up doing a conversion to wordpress here as well. I’ve yet to decide. I’ll keep people posted. (har har pun intended)

[ SanctuaryCrew Gaming ]

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