Sora no Kiseki Special Set Details + Anime Details

Multiple sources have given up some information for the new series, but there’s still no information on whether or not it’s an OAV or TV series.

Falcom posted,originally, on twitter, and linked back to the Comic Gekkin site, where the information was posted, along with the details for the extra kit for those who managed to purchase the first Sora no Kiseki manga and get the request form to purchase the bonus set in by the due date.


  • The Highly Desired Bracer Notebook! Filled with important Bracers Guild rumors and information!
  • DVD – Anime PV+Sound Comic+Movie Collection
  • Original Drama CD – The Book of Carnelia

The anime PV features an orchestral version of Hoshi no Arika, and features Estelle and Joshua.
The anime will be produced by the studio Kinema Citrus (they worked on Eureka 7, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, and .hack//Quantum).
Director: Tachibana Masaki (.hack//Quantum)
Character Designer: Nozaki Atsuko (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0)

The Sound Comic is the first chapter of the Sora no Kiseki manga, complete with voice work to go along with it. Estelle is being played by Akemi Kanda and Joshua is played by Mitsuki Saiga.

The movie collection contains the videos from FC, SC, and 3rd, as well the demo movies.

The Book of Carnelia is the drama CD based on the best-selling novel series from Liberl and Erebonia. Enjoy the adventure of Estelle and Joshua along with the smuggler Toby. (??). As before, Estelle and Joshua have Akemi Kanda and Mitsuki Saiga, along with Toby played by Tomokazu Sugita.

Special Set Release Date: 5/2011
Price: 4400 yen

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  1. Oooh! This sounds good! Not only that, the studio is pretty good too although I have only seen the first episode of Tokyo Magnitude 8 but did see all of Eureka 7. Let’s wait for more info but already it seems really interesting. It might actually be an OVA though since they might want to test and see how successful it is before going for an outright TV series although you never know.

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