Weird Menu Issues

I wasn’t able to recreate this at home (Vista+Firefox / IE / Chrome), but now I’m on a different computer (Win7+IE8) and I’m having the below issue with my menu. Is anyone else seeing it this way? Or does it look fine for you guys?

Go ahead and comment and let me know- when you do comment, please include your browser, so I can try to configure it to make sure the menu functions on all systems.


2 Replies to “Weird Menu Issues”

  1. Weird. It shows up fine in Opera 11.01, Chrome, and Firefox 3.6.13 but in IE 7, it also shows up funky. Seems to be an IE issue. Also how have you been doing? Have not seen you online so that kind of worries me a bit. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for the help. Maybe it’s just that particular IE. Oh well. D:

    I’ve been doing fine. I just got a new job that puts me on a morning schedule now, so I’m most likely in bed by midnight. Or 1am if I have a death wish for the morning. XD;

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