Game Informer Issue April 2011

I’ve been informed (lawl, pun intended) that the April issue (with the Saint’s Row 3 cover on it) has an article on Falcom, which also includes an interview with the company director about future sales and plans. My contact has even provided me with the following quote:

“Ourgeneral way of thinking about RPG games is that we spend two years creating the game and then release it as a packaged title; thats the completion of the game. with NGP and Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, We’ve started to think that we might be able to release RPGs in a different way.” Kondo reveals “maybe we could release one chapter at a time as downloadable content. We’re considering it heavily right now.”

Subscribers to the magazine will find that the issues of the magazine are arriving in the mail today, or anytime in the week.

I spoke with my friendly local gamestop to find out that they don’t know when the store copies will be arriving yet. I’ve been told to check back with them in a week. I’ll be sure to nab it as soon as it comes up.

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