Dengeki Playstation Article – More Ao no Kiseki Characters

More characters have been revealed for Ao no Kiseki, and some more information has been added for them.

Making a cut for spoiler stuff. There is DEFINITELY Sora no Kiseki Spoiler stuff in here.

This is including new information on currently known about characters as well.

  • LloydBannings – Once again, the main hero of the story. After the dissolution of the Special Support Section, he has begun training to specialize in Counterintelligence and Anti-Terrorism.
  • KeA – Has been attending Sunday School.
  • Elie MacDowell – After the break up of the SSS, she has gone to help her grandfather with his retirement.
  • Arios McLaine – After the incident, he has begun working to assist Lloyd
  • Noel Seeker – She has changed from the Garrison?
  • Wazy Hemisphere – Is doing something whimsical/mischievous
  • Arianrhod – A woman with long blond hair. She wears heavy armor and carries a large lance. She is the 7th Pillar of the Anguis of the Ouroboros. Her skill and moral code are high, and she is strictly unforgiving of her enemies.
  • Shirley – A mysterious girl who is 16 years old. Innocent, yet fickle, she can also sometimes have a tiger-like ferocity. She is visiting Crossbell for some reason. She can be seen flitting about here and there.
  • Olivert Reise Arnor – Visiting Crossbell for some reason…

There’s a lot of information that seems to be bouncing around on 2ch about the characters, particularly the new Ouroboros character. I’m waiting to verify some more details before I go any further with this.

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There are a number of images on the history of Crossbell.

Multiple shops are having different preorder items, as with before. Many of them are carrying different phone cards. I’ve had a bunch of these images, but now I know what to link them to. The images will be below.

  • Imajin – Rixia in an alleyway in the rain, with the appearance of having been beaten.
  • Medialand – The Seeker sisters working for Crossbell Traffic Safety Month
  • Sofmap – Complete Limited Set – Tio and KeA on vacation, floating in a pool. Tio’s trying to tinker with her Enigma, as KeA is getting ready for a ‘surprise attack’.
  • Sofmap – Drama CD Edition – Elie in her own room, preparing to leave. (Obligatory ‘dressing up’ image.)
  • Sofmap – Standard Edition – Noel getting ready to take KeA to Sunday School in her car.
  • Wondergoo – Tio scolding Koppe after he spilled a mug on her gear.
  • Geo – The Special Support Section members in a scene enjoying good weather.
  • Gamehawke, Papyrus, Treasure Crest – KeA heading home after a picnic on a day off. She’s carrying a basket with Koppe in it.
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Another image that had been released:

(Click to enlarge.)

The next issue of Dengeki Playstation will finally have screenshots.

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