More Details on Ao no Kiseki

Just as she appeared in the previous game. Once the Special Support Section was broken up, she returned to the Foundation headquarters in the Leman region.

Alex Dudley:
After his deeds in the previous game, an important task has been given to him.

Legion No. 0. He has arrived in Crossbell suddenly, and has begun his own mysterious plan.

Cut-ins have been renewed. “Bust-up” images from conversation scenes are now different. For example, in Tio’s case, there is a pose with her setting up the Orbal Staff.

Special moves. Super abilities called S-Crafts are still in the game.
Wazy: Seven Shot
Arios: Fujin Reppa
Noel: Blast Storm

These are introduced. Combo Crafts have been brought in again, as well. Noel and Wazy have Blue Breaker for one.

New Arts: Ragnad Lion
This attack art summons a massive spear to attack from the sky. It is a wind property art with lightning effects.

New Arts: Lord Inferno
Attack art that summons a red winged, tailed dragon. It attacks with a “line of heat.”

New Orbment Model: ENIGMA II
In the ENIGMA II, the center slot is called the “Master Slot”. Separately from common quartz, a special “Master Quartz” is to be used in this slot. Master Quartz can have differing special effects- such as “DEF/ADF UP At start of battle.”
Also, with the use of Master Quartz, characters are capable of using Master Arts. “Windstorm Rune” uses 100 EP, will reflect an offensive magic attack once, with a 50% critical chance.

A midsized port-town at the westernmost point of the Calvard Republic. It is a popular trade and distribution point.
It takes just under one hour to travel to Altair from Crossbell by train. Is there a particular reason why Noel has to set out in this direction?

I’m ordering the Dengeki Playstation once I’m paid this week. I’ll keep people posted on it.

OH. Also. Supposedly, Arios’ voice actor is Katsuyuki Konishi.

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    1. LOL! That totally clicked into my head, too! (That would actually be a pretty awesome teamup, though. :o)

      1. Yup, it gonna be an awesome team ^^ now if only Arios changes his style to dual wield ^^
        btw, if Campanella reappears, then I hope we will get to see some new Legion.

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