Sorcerian on Smartphones in Japanese *and* English?

4/5/2011, Falcom released an IR report stating that the Sorcerian smartphone project has begun. This is including releases for both Japan, and “english speaking countries.”

AeriaGames, the localizer responsible for releasing a number of free-to-play MMORPGs (including Shaiya, Grand Fantasia, Last Chaos, Shin Megami Tensei, Dynasty Warriors Online, and others), is cooperating with Nihon Falcom to release the 1987 best-selling RPG Sorcerian to smartphones.

The release of Sorcerian will begin in Japan, and will begin its English-expansion through North America.

The smartphone version will feature the RPG itself, as well as online features that take advantage of the capabilities of smartphones. The report states that this will give this ‘strong hit’ added value to its fans, while drawing in new users.

Over time, it will receive more platforms, and Aeria Games will actively promote it and provide content.

[ Nihon Falcom – Investors Relations ]
[ Aeria Games (English) ]

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