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Nendoroid Puchi Poll Rankings (4/28 ~ 5/23)

Dengeki Online has posted the current rankings for the characters on the Nendoroid poll. Check out the results for 4/28 ~ 5/23:

Prev Rank Name Appeared In…
2 1 Estelle Bright Sora no Kiseki Series
3 2 Feena Ys I
1 3 Renne Sora no Kiseki Series
4 Tita Russell Sora no Kiseki Series
5 Noel Seeker Zero no Kiseki
6 Reah Ys I
7 Lilia Ys II
8 Elena Ys Oath in Felghana
15 9 White Witch Geld White Witch
9 10 Klose Rinz Sora no Kiseki Series
10 11 KeA Zero no Kiseki
11 12 Anelace Elfead Sora no Kiseki Series
13 Arwen Zwei II
12 14 Rixia Mao Zero no Kiseki
14 15 Princess Cecilia Sora no Kiseki Series
16 Ries Argent Sora no Kiseki series
17 Parin Gurumin
18 Tia Ys Seven
19 Mail Popful Mail
20 Chris White Witch

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3 thoughts on “Nendoroid Puchi Poll Rankings (4/28 ~ 5/23)

  1. Dusk Stalker

    Tia only #18 ?
    A little disappointed, I really like her in Ys Seven. I’m probably the only one who like her.

    Hope Feena get the first place next time.

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