Dengeki PS 498 Info Leaked

New information available from this week’s Dengeki Playstation! I was so caught up in everything else, that I completely forgot about it. We are welcoming some more familiar faces to the cast- some I’m extremely happy to see. (One of my favorites from 3rd is now in. Yay~)

As dead on my feet as I am, I may have translation errors. Please ping me in comments if that happens to be the case.

There are six pages. Two dedicated to images from the opening, and four dedicated to new characters. There are also two voice actor interviews- with the seiyuu for Randy and Tio.


Girias Osborne – 54 years old
The Prime Minister of Erebonia, often called the “Prime Minister of Blood and Iron”. He originated in the military, then ten years ago, became the prime minister of the empire. He was responsible for the development of the imperial railroad, and as he pushes for government reform, he has drawn many enemies.

Lechter Arundel – 23 years old
In the previous game, Lloyd and the others met him as an yet eccentric young man. In reality, he is a mysterious individual who holds several titles, including the assistant to the prime minister, and special duty colonel.

Mueller Vander – 30 years old
A lieutenant in the imperial military, and selected to be the bodyguard for Prince Olivert. Astoundingly, in the past, he has been seen willingly following the prince. This time….

Campanella – CV: Kanae Itou
“Hahaha… Well done, Freckles.” (Is he somehow involved with Jonah?)

Arianrhod – CV: Aya Hisakawa
S-Craft: Holy Art – Grand Cross
A massive dragon strikes (heaves?) away all enemies, and they are struck by a lance.

Dr. F. Novaltis – Age Unknown
The supervisor of the Thirteen Workshops, specializes in the development of orbal machines and aerial battleships.

Jorg – 75 years old
Runs the Rosenberg workshop, and is in charge of the stagecraft for the Arc en’Ciel Dance Troupe.

The issue also introduces a new model of the Goldius Class machine. It “transforms into a walk form and has aerial flight.” (ED: I can’t say this for sure. I’ll see when I see the issue, I guess?)

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