Upcoming Ao no Kiseki Video? Falcom Counting Down To It?

All week on their Twitter account, Falcom hasbeen teasing about a new video.

I’ve collected the images below so that you can see them and make comments and theories on them already. I will admit that the last image made me very happy.

Not long after posting the last image, Falcom then posted the following tweet:
??23??55? #aonokiseki #zeronokiseki #soranokiseki

This is clearly a countdown, reading, ’23 hours and 55 minutes left.’ – with all three kiseki twitter tags on it. It is definitely related to the Kiseki series in somehow. Is it this video for Ao no Kiseki? Is it something for the Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky anime? Maybe both? (Apparently, there’s something up with that happening tomorrow, too.)

We will see probably around 17:00 JST.

[ Falcom @ Twitter ]

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