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Final Samples for Falcom 30th Anniversary Nendoroids

There are now final, colored versions of the 30th anniversary Falcom Heroine nendoroids- Renne, Estelle, and Feena.

They will be released together as a single set. There is, as of yet, no pricing announced.

More images behind the cut.




[ Good Smile Company’s Mikatan Blog ]

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6 thoughts on “Final Samples for Falcom 30th Anniversary Nendoroids

      1. Mizu

        Ha ha, I know, right?

        At least 2100 yen isn’t that bad. Deputy fees + shipping will up the price a lot, but a base price of 2100 yen isn’t too bad.

  1. Yadilie

    I hope these arn’t too expensive. Might have to forego some Gunpla to get them if they’re cheap enough after importing.

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