Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 12/26/2011

Thisweek’s weekly special is a little different from the norm.

This week is the Falcom Warehouse Bargain Special

I can’t give a list of particular items, as there isn’t a list of what you will get. It is a random assortment of goods that were never for sale. This includes items that could be given away, or have been preorder bonuses.

Things include: Demo CDs for older games, promotional pamphlets, pop-up signs, buyers guides, posters, key holders, clear files, postcards… these are not items you can normally get your hands on through Falcom.

This special is good till 1/4, or for 30 orders.

Items will be randomly selected. These will not be shipped until 1/12. Only one set will be accepted per customer.

Contents: Who knows!
Order #: 2345

Total price: 2000 yen!

I can’t even tag this article! I don’t know what’s all in the set!

[ Falcom Online Store – Special Sales ]

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3 Replies to “Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 12/26/2011”

  1. Can it be ordered through the method displayed on this website’s FAQ? How long do they usually take to reply emails? I want that Mishii Plushie~

    1. You can try- that’s the only method available to people outside of Japan.

      As for the reply turnaround: Falcom will be out of the office until… 1/4, I think? They are on their holiday break. So you won’t hear back from that. There won’t be any guarantees that you will get the Mishie plush as well.

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