Nayuta no Kiseki for PSP in 2012

Atthe shareholder meeting, Falcom has since announced Nayuta no Kiseki (??????), to be released on the PSP in 2012.

So far, they have stated that it will have a completely new setting, new characters, and new game system. It is also the first game of the Kiseki titles to drop the “Legend of Heroes” title and use the Kiseki name on its own.

A single image has been released:

Currently, the info from the press release says:
Release Date: TBA
Price: TBA
Genre: TBA
Platform: Playstation Portable

They have also released a teaser video for it:

I will try to get a subtitled version of that up eventually- probably sometime tomorrow evening.

Square Enix DID trademark a ‘Path of Nayuta’ today. This is not the same title. They trademarked ?????, not ??????. These are two different titles.

Something blurred out on the ‘2012 lineup titles’? Is that where it should say ‘Full Voice Edition’ on the Vita Zero no Kiseki? Or something else that will be announced for it? D:

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6 Replies to “Nayuta no Kiseki for PSP in 2012”

  1. this is very very very … so very no expected xD .. considering Zero no Kiseki Full ver .. and i am almost 99% sure it will be a Ao no Kiseki full ver o.O

    1. Nayuta is a Sanskrit word that means ‘infinite.’ It is also an ‘impossibly large number’ in Japanese, so holding a very similar meaning there, too… There are a couple others that I can’t look up at the moment, but you get the idea. :)

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