Falcom Magazine vol 14 Available on Shinanobook

Format: B5
Pagecount: 63
Sale Date: 3/30/2012
Price: 330 yen

This particular issue features artwork from Zero no Kiseki on the cover. You will find the following inside:
* Novel: The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki – ‘Afternoon Tea with Sugar’ by Yukiya Murasaki, illustrated by Kubocha.
* Shinki Kitsutsuki illustration message
* Comic: ‘Never Give Up, Dela!’ by AIKYOU
* Behind the scenes of ‘Tio no Falcom Radio Mendokusai… Demo Ganbarimasu’
* 4koma collection: ‘Everyone Assemble! Falcom School’ by Daisuke Arakubo
* Information on Zero no Kiseki Evolution
* Falcom News
* ‘Jinseihan Chara-zarashi’ by Okaji of the JDK Band

[ Falcom Magazine vol 14 on Shinanobook ]

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