Updates to the Zero no Kiseki Evolution Website With Release Info

Iapologize for the delay on this post. I should’ve had it done over a week ago. :(

The following sections of the Zero no Kiseki Evolution website have been updated: System, Information, Movie, and Product

The movie should be recognizable as the one shown at the event a couple of weeks ago.

Doesn’t seem to have anything new. All the things on the new updates are things that we already knew about the changes for the Vita version of the game.

Information is a basic update log and brings up Kanako doing her recording work, along with some photos of her in the middle of recording.


The product section of the site now shows the Chara-Ani set for Zero no Kiseki Evolution. It contains:
* Nendoroid Puchi (Arianrhod)
* Carrying Pouch
* Cleaning Cloth
* Soundtrack CD (This will be different from the version of the CD you get when preordering the game.)
* Original Drama CD

Chara-Ani is only taking preorders until April 15th.

As a note, Chara-Ani does not ship internationally. You will need to have a deputy service, or see if another store such as Amiami or CD Japan will be able to carry the game.

The image from Chara-Ani of the set:

As always, all images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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