Nayuta no Kiseki Information and Screenshots on Dengeki Online

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New information is available for Falcom’s PSP game to be released on 7/26, Nayuta no Kiseki.

This work extends the ‘Kiseki’ series that was popularized by The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki, Zero no Kiseki, and Ao no Kiseki. New characters and a new story have been developed for this particular game.

This game, with its unique mix of enjoyable story and combat system, is best described as a ‘story action rpg.’

For this lengthy, and image filled article, I have put the rest behind a cut.

The combat system isn’t damaged by the story tempo. With the use of one button to execute attacks, this makes it so that anyone can enjoy the quick and exhilerating system.

This Dengeki article explains the story of the prologue and the basic information on the first characters to be revealed.


This world has an end… That’s what we’re taught. While the ocean spreads out infinitely, no one knows where it ends, or what is beyond it.

Therefore, the world is flat.

That’s what scholars have concluded, and what the people believe. ….but is that what I think? No, I believe that it’s wrong. There are still too many unknown mysteries of the world. What is that that’s projected in ‘that light’ of the ‘star fragments?’

That’s why I strongly believe this. That’s right. The world is much, much more vast….

–by Nayuta Hershel

Setting Establishment
The setting is a massive sea with a countless number of islands that stretch out in an archipelago- the Cynthia Sea. The people believe that ‘the world is flat, that there is a definite edge to the world. This article introduces the keywords Remnant Island and Lost Heaven.

Remnant Island… This is the name of a small island in the middle of the Cynthia Sea. This coastal island, for some reason, has experienced a strange phenomenon of shooting stars and ruins falling from the sky, and mysterious crystals called ‘star fragments’ have also fallen to the ground.

Lost Heaven… when a person looks into a ‘Star Fragment,’ they find another world in a beautiful, mysterious light. This world could be anywhere, but no one knows if it even really exists. During this work, this becomes part of Nayuta’s adventure.


Nayuta Hershel
cv: Kaori Mizuhashi
At 15 years old, he’s the main character of this game. While he lives on Remnant Island, he commutes between it and the academy at the port city of Saints-Elysees, which faces the Cynthia Sea.
With his hobbies, he uses the sextant left behind by his father and his telescope for astronomical navigation. He often thinks about whether or not the world is flat, what it’s really like, and he is extremely curious about things that are not yet known.

cv: Ai Kayano
A tiny sprite like from a fairy tale, Nayuta meets Noi in a particular ruin. Her age is unknown, she has a mysterious object on her person called the ‘Master Gear,’ which is snatched away by a mysterious man who suddenly appears.

Signa Alhazan
cv: Kenichi Suzumura
An 18 year old youth belonging to to the mercenary corps located on Saints-Elysees, and Nayuta’s friend. Nayuta often relies on him, due to his experience and knowledge. He is a genius swordsman, and once when monsters suddenly appeared on the island, he was able to defeat them single handedly.

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