New Voice Actor Information for Zero no Kiseki Evolution

I have yet to fully confirm this information, but I have some reason to believe what I’ve read, since it looks logical to me. The new Dengeki Playstation features interviews with the main cast of Zero no Kiseki Evolution. There are approximately 39 voice actors listed in the article. The new voice actors are as listed below:

Ilya Platiere – Yuu Asakawa
Ian Grimwood – Takahiro Fujimoto
Cao Li – Daisuke Hirakawa
President Marconi – Yasuhiko Kawazu
Henry MacDowell – Yasunori Masutani
Jorg Rosenberg – Yasuhiko Tokuyama
Guy Bannings – Katsuyuki Konishi
Station Chief Pierre – Yuusei Oda
Miner Marlo – Kazutomo Kanehisa (He is one of the two ‘SSS’ members of Falcom Radio.)
Rau – Kenji Akabane (Akabane is the voice actor of Geis in Ys Seven.)

I’llprobably remove the ‘unconfirmed’ if I can verify the info, and update this post as I find out more information.

Confirmed from one of my sources! No longer just a rumor!

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