Updates to the Nayuta no Kiseki Website – Gameplay Trailer vol 2

I’ll just cut to the chase and post the trailer first, since I know that’s what most people are interested in at this point.

(Also,by the look of the video, despite not being revealed, it looks like the redhaired girl’s name is Laila.)

Falcom has posted that the Pom passcase will be on display at the Sofmap Akihabara Amusement Center, in the reservation center from 4/28 and on.

They have also posted the list of retail shops that are participating in the preorder program.


Lost Heaven-
A beautiful, mysterious world that is visible when one looks into the Star Fragments. People have named this world ‘Lost Heaven.’

Zext (cv: Ryoutarou Okiayu)

A mysterious character surrounded by an overwhelmingly mysterious atmosphere. He appears before Nayuta, seeking the Master Gear possessed by Noi. Accompanied by an incredibly powerful swordsman, he travels through the ruins and Lost Heaven in secret. His purpose is unknown.


A mysterious living creature marked by its cries of ‘mishishi,’ and high intelligence. They’re uncommon creatures, very rarely seen.

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