jdkTV Episode 9 Now Live on NicoDouga

Episode9 of jdkTV has been uploaded to NicoDouga and is now live. The episode begins with KoteKana planning to draw Ash from Dinosaur, and with Kamicha and Okaji giving her grief over calling him ‘Ash Yohei-san.’

After the intro, it cuts to everyone in the meeting room, joined by President Kondo, Mizuki (playing Ys on her PSP), and Mishie. They spend time talking to Kondo about previous Falcom Magazine issues, and reminiscing over how Falcom likes green haired girls (after KoteKana mistakes Romancia’s Princess Selina as Ao no Kiseki’s KeA), and that Okaji and Mishie have a thing for green haired girls (like Sonia in Dragonslayer: The Legend of Heroes).

Afterwards, it cuts to the regular segments of KoteKana’s adventures with the Ys series. She’s currently up against the first boss of Ys I, and her death against said boss. Aww. It then jumps to her waiting at a recording studio, still playing… joined by Shiori-chan (of the Falcom Radio SSS) who is also playing on a PSP. Her game? Sora no Kiseki SC! KoteKana’s playing is accented by her singing along with the music, and mimicking the game’s sound effects, to great amusement.

It is separated with a very funny remix of First Step Towards Wars, with the melody being performed by the ‘vocaloid’ KoteKana that was revealed at the Offline Meeting. (Disclaimer: Not a real Vocaloid.)

This episode’s installment of jdkTV News is about the upcoming JDK Band Super Live concert being held this weekend, and points people to Falcom’s website for more information. Mizuki talks about how it will have the debut of Nayuta no Kiseki’s opening theme.

And of course, to close it off, is the JDK Band acoustic version of Somebody Loves You from Popful Mail, featuring KoteKana with vocals, Kamicha on keyboard, Okaji on percussion and Enomoto/Bass-Ouji on bass.

To see the full video, click on the link below to check it out on NicoDouga.

[ NicoDouga: jdkTV Episode 09 ]

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