Chara-Ani Taking Preorders for Zero no Kiseki Drama CD’s vols 2 and 3

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Chara-Ani has opened preorders for the next two drama CD’s in their series for Zero no Kiseki.

Zero no Kiseki Drama CD Vol 2 – Golden Sun, Silver Moon
Elie – Aya Endou
Lloyd – Tetsuya Kakihara
Tio – Kaori Mizuhashi
Randy – Shinichirou Miki
Dudley – Kazuya Kanai
Mariabell – Rie Tanaka
Rixia – Rina Satou
Ilya – Yuu Asakawa
Grace – Hitomi Nabatame

Zero no Kiseki Drama CD Vol 3 – Crossbell Founding Anniversary
Randy – Shinichirou Miki
Lloyd – Tetsuya Kakihara
Elie – Aya Endou
Tio – Kaori Mizuhashi
KeA – Rie Kugimiya
Wazy – Junko Minagawa
Wald – Tsuyoshi Takeshita
Estelle – Akemi Kanda
Joshua – Mitsuki Saiga
Sergei – Unshou Ishizuka

The CDs are set for a 8/22 release date. They are available individually for 3150 yen each, or in a double pack for 6400 yen.

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