Leaked Info on Ys Celceta from Dengeki PS 521

More information on Ys The Foliage Ocean of Celceta has been revealed in this week’s issue of Dengeki PS. Including voice actors. There is a bit of a shocking reveal one of the voice actors- Takeshi Kusao will not be playing Adol this time around?

AdolChristin (18) (vo: Yuuki Kaji)
Carna (18) (vo: Yui Ogura)
Dulen (23) (vo: Hiroaki Hirata)

Leize (16) (vo: Yuri Shiratori) – A girl who lives in the plateau town of Highland. Generally a quiet girl, she has become resolute to protect something important to her.
Gades (28) (vo: Tesshou Genda) – Adol and the others meet him, a large man claiming to be a ‘beastmaster,’ during their adventure.
Grizelda (29) – A newly appointed young governer from the Romun Empire. She is aware of Adol’s abilities from a certain event, so she has requested that he help her draft up a map of the great forest.

* Images are shown with Roos that originally showed up in Ys II appearing in this.
* Castin will be a ‘base’ town, and many different sorts of locations are found here.
* Komodo is a tree colony north of Castin. Many of those who live there have started to disappear.
* Time will pass in the great forest in real-time. The landscape will change according to the time of morning to night.
* The three-person party from Ys Seven has been brought over. Some attacks from Ys Seven have come over as well.

Staff Comment
* The goal with Nayuta no Kiseki is to establish an enjoyable story ARPG genre that fits the Kiseki series.
* The goal of Celceta, the Sea of Trees, is to present an evolution of the speedy, yet addicting, action style of the Ys series.
* Movement feels good, and Falcom hopes that anyone from beginners to expert players will be able to enjoy the style of the game.
* They listened to the comments that came about from last year’s TGS and have made attempts to upgrade the look and shaders of the game. [ED: Emphasis is mine. This is amazing.]

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  1. Since Gadis is lying about his identity, I figure that if Griselda is the purple-haired figure from the last picture there’s probably a fifty/fifty chance that she’s lying through her teeth and is better known as Bammy the Busty fan of Baleful Polymorph.

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