Preorders For Zero no Kiseki Evolution Extended to 8/31 – Package Art and Details Revealed

Well,first off, preorders for the Chara-Ani box have reopened, but there are new things to note about it.

Most of the artwork that goes with the box and its contents have been revealed, save for the main box itself. They have also announced an additional Limited Edition, but more details on that below:

Chara-Ani Box
Price: 9800 yen

This box contains:
Zero no Kiseki Evolution for Playstation Vita
Arianrhod Nendoroid Petit
Playstation Vita Carrying Pouch
Cleaning Cloth
Soundtrack CD -Special Edition III- (Tracks include: 1. Special Support Section, 2. CSPD -Crossbell Police-, 3. TRINITY, 4. Formidable Enemy, 5. Will to Protect, 6. Love of Cerulean Blue) (Also, isn’t that cover amazing?)
Original Drama CD (Everyone’s Drama Zanmai) (The drama CD will have six stories: 3 original, and 3 based on jobs in the game. These were apparently based on things fans wanted to see done. Two of the subquest stories are: one is based on the job about the stalker from Zero no Kiseki, and the third is the job with the bootleg sneakers.)
Preorder the Chara-Ani Box from Chara-Ani here.

Limited Edition
Price: 7980 yen.

This set includes:
Zero no Kiseki Evolution for Playstation Vita
Arianrhod Nendoroid Petit
Soundtrack CD -Special Edition II- (Tracks include: 1. Establishment Anniversary, 2. Arc-en-Ciel, 3. IGNIS, 4. Schwartz Auction, 5. Geo-Front, 6. Get Over the Barrier!, 7. way of life -unknown version-)
Preorder the Limited Edition from Chara-Ani here.

And last but not least, by preordering just the game at 6090 yen, you will receive:
Soundtrack CD -Special Edition I- (Tracks include: 1. Crossbell Afternoon, 2. Chance of Precipitation 10%, 3. Almorica Village, 4. Mining Town Maintz, 5. St. Ursula Medical College, 6. Wind from Liberl, 7. way of life -ZERO NO KISEKI Evolution opening version-)
Preorder the game from Chara-Ani here.

All of these preorders will close on 8/31. So with that in mind, there’s a good idea of what to expect, time-wise, on the game’s release. That particular date has been added to the calendar.

[ Zero no Kiseki Evolution Website ]

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