Special Raffle Event for Zero Evolution and Nayuta no Kiseki in July

Atmultiple locations, 7,000 names will be drawn to be given a special gift related to Zero no Kiseki Evolution and Nayuta no Kiseki. To enter the lottery, you will need to show proof of purchase of Nayuta no Kiseki, or proof of preordering Zero no Kiseki Evolution.

The three items for raffle are:
A) A signboard with the autograph of a voice actor involved from one of the games.
B) Original Goods
C) Nayuta no Kiseki / Zero no Kiseki Evolution Reversible Clear File

Tokyo – The Akihabara Sofmap Amusement Hall
Osaka – Sofmap Namba Store ZAURUS 1

Tokyo – Akihabara Sofmap, Original Building, 7F Game Sales
Nagoya – Wondergoo Nagoya Store
Sendai – Seagel’s Sendai Store

[ Zero no Kiseki Evolution Website ]
[ Even Site on Falcom’s Website ]

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