Website now Open for Ys Celceta

Weno longer have a teaser site for the upcoming release of Foliage Ocean in Celceta, the new Ys title for the Playstation Vita. The official website is open, along with several sections.


This details the basic information for the game-
Platform: Playstation Vita
Release Date: 9/27/2012
Price: Standard Edition: 7140 yen, Downloadable: TBD, Ys Series 25th Anniversary Commemorative Pack: 8925 yen.
Genre: Action RPG
Players: 1 Player

Under product, they also have a quick rundown of the history of the Ys series.



During the gold rush for Castin, a town on the edges of the Romun territory…

A redhaired youth wandered amongst the miners and laborers. One of them was offended when he bumped into them, and believed that he intended to pick a fight…

“Where am I? …who… am I?”

The youth only mumbled in return.

“Hey! Adol! You’re Adol, aren’t you?”

Abruptly, the voice of a large man with silver hair called out drew everyone’s attention. Of course, the youth could not remember.

The man was a familiar sight to everyone- he goes by the name of Dulen, and is known being a strange man who traded and sold rumors. According to Dulen, the youth’s name was Adol Christin.

Several weeks before, when Dulen briefly met him, he found out that Adol was traveling to ‘Celceta, the Sea of Trees,’ a place where people of the town rarely traveled. If they did, they would never return.

What on earth happened within the forest that everyone called the ‘Devil’s Land?’ What happened to cause him to lose his memory?

So to find the truth, both Adol and Dulen set out together to the forbidden area of ‘Celceta, the Sea of Trees.’


Adol Christin (18) – A rare adventurer that has left behind over a hundred journals of his adventures. When he set off to see the heart of the Celceta Sea of Trees, he has some how lost his memory. In order to find out what happened to himself, he sets off to return to the forest alongside Dulen.

Carna (18) – A lively young woman from Komodo, a village that has survived in the trees of the Celceta forest. The village recognizes her for her skill with hunting and combat.

Dulen (23) – A trader of rumors from Castin, he has decided to travel with Adol. Before Adol lost his memory, Dulen had met him in a bar in Castin. Despite the fact that he has a bit of a wild personality, he’s the sort that can’t leave a person in trouble alone.


Currently only contains the TGS preview video.


Has the banner campaign loaded currently.

[ Foliage Ocean in Celceta Official Page ]

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