Falcom Goods at Summer Comiket

Falcom will be having a large number of items at Comiket this Summer. They will be located at West 4 Booth 552 from 8/10 ~ 8/12 during Comiket.

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Theitems they will be selling include:

Falcom Boss Zanmai – Price: 2,500 yen
This CD contains a number of arranged boss battle themes from various Falcom games.
1. Strongest Foe – Ys the Oath in Felghana (Ys III)
2. Out of the Way! – The Legend of Heroes IV – A Tear of Vermillion
3. God of Wind, God of Thunder – Sengoku Sorcerian
4. Trembling Miracle – The Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki
5. Gadobistal – Brandish
6. Inevitable Struggle – The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki
7. Evil Shaman – Sorcerian
8. Of Every Future – The Legend of Heroes V Cagesong of the Ocean
9. Sorrowful Queen – The Legend of Heroes III White Witch
10. Blue Dragon – Sorcerian
11. Termination – Ys I&II Chronicles (Ys II)
12. King Dragon – Sorcerian the Prelude

Arrangements by: Yukihiro Jindo, Okajima Toshiharu, Noriyuki Kamikura
Performers: Kiyoshi Ibukuro (24-string koto), KIKO (soprano), Shunshou Kishi (Tenor), Akiko Nagano and Mizuki Mizutani (Violin), Naomu Soeda (Saxophone), Terukazu Inoue and Daisuke Miyazaki (Guitar), Katsutoshi Norisawa and Noriyuki Kamikura (Keyboard), Toshitsubu Maeda, AKIRA aka a.art-vox, and Yukihiko Oshigoe (Bass), Okajima Toshiharu (Drums)

Tio no Falcom Radio “Mendokusai… demo Ganbarimasu” – Price: 3,500 yen
This 2 disc compilation of episodes 1-6 of Falcom Radio will be available at a special price at Comiket this year.

Falcom Grab-Bag SC – Price: 10,000 yen
The popular grab bags from the previous two comikets are returning. Falcom will have two different bags on hand, and each have the following:

Falcom Grab-Bag SC (A):
Zero no Kiseki B2 Tapestry
Nayuta no Kiseki Tumbler
Ys 25th Anniversary Calendar (months 9/2012 ~ 8/2013)
Ys 25th Anniversary Sports Towel
Sora no Kiseki A4 Sticker Sheet

Falcom Grab-Bag SC (B):
Ao no Kiseki B2 Tapestry
Nayuta no Kiseki Tumbler
Ys 25th Anniversary Calendar (months 9/2012 ~ 8/2013)
Ys 25th Anniversary Sports Towel
Sora no Kiseki A4 Sticker Sheet

The items are pictured below:

Ys VI Crest of Alma Silver Pendant (C82 Limited Edition) – Price: 10,000 yen
Ao no Kiseki Mishie Silver Pendant (C82 Limited Edition) – Price: 9,000 yen

For the Ys 25th Anniversary, Falcom is re-releasing the Crest of Alma silver pendant from 2009. This new version has a black onyx stone in the center of it, as well. They will be bringing a limited number of the Mishie silver pendants as well.

Alma Pendant:
Size: 27x22mm | Chain: 45cm | Weight: 4.5g | Materials: Silver 925 and Black Onyx

Mishie Pendant:
Size: 9x25mm | Chain: 45cm | Weight: 2.5g | Materials: Silver 925

Ao no Kiseki – Rixia Strap – Price: 3,500 yen
Size: Ball: approx 2cm, Tassle: 6cm | Materials: Polyester, resin, and brass

Falcom will also be selling the recreation of Rixia’s enigma charm as a strap.

Ys 25th Anniversary Commemorative Goddess Pin – Price: 3,000 yen
Weight: 4.5g | Material: Tin Alloy

Sora no Kiseki Book Cover – Price: 3,000 yen
Material: Leather

This book cover, made of real leather, bears the crest of the Bracer’s Guild on one side and the crest of the Ouroboros on the other.

Ys 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book Cover – Price: 5,000 yen
Materials: Leather, Tin Alloy

Another book cover, made of real leather. This cover has the mark of the goddesses on the front, made of tin. Both it and the bookcover above fit standard (Japanese standards, by the way) library book sizes.

Ao no Kiseki Full Body Tapestries – Price: 5,000 yen each
Like the previous tapestries, we now have Estelle, Joshua, and Renne added to the mix. These tapestries are each 150x50cm in size, made of polysuede.

The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki vol 4 – Price: 600 yen
The manga, by Kitsutsuki Shinki, continues on to the next volume. The fourth volume is released on 8/10, and will be available for purchase at Comiket at Falcom’s booth.

Falcom Pin Collection – Price: 200 yen
A collection of 15 pins of different characters from Zero no Kiseki.

Mishie Rubber Mascot – Price: 800 yen
This 55mm mascot comes on a ball-chain.

Hoshi no Arika Zanmai – Price: 1,500 yen
The recent collection of various mixes of the song ‘Hoshi no Arika’ performed by different artists will be available again at this coming comiket.

Track list:
1. Hoshi no Arika beat / Kanako Koteru (arranged by Noriyuki Kamikura)
2. Hoshi no Arika serenade / Mizuki Mizutani (arranged by Toshiharu Okajima)
3. Hoshi no Arika / U~mi
4. Hoshi no Arika bossa nova / Anemone (Blue Chee’s) (arranged by Noriyuki Kamikura)
5. Hoshi no Arika ballad / Icarus Watanabe (arranged by Yukihiro Jindo)
6. Hoshi no Arika beat (karaoke)
7. Hoshi no Arika serenade (karaoke)
8. Hoshi no Arika (karaoke)
9. Hoshi no Arika bossa nova (karaoke)
10. Hoshi no Arika ballad (karaoke)

Falcom jdk BAND Super Live in nicofarre CD Recording – Price: 3,500 yen
The concert from 5/12/2012 recorded and released onto 2 CDs. The encore is not included on the recording.


[Disc 1]
1. Get Over the Barrier!
2. MIGHTY OBSTACLE ~The Wind of Zemeth~
3. MC1
4. Maybe it was fated
5. Feena ~Whispers of the Goddesses~
6. Hoshi no Arika bossa nova
7. MC2
9. Harukanaru Toki wo Koete
10. Endless History

[Disc 2]
3. Intense Chase
4. Formidable Enemy
5. Inevitable Struggle
6. MC3
7. Cerulean Blue no Koi
8. way of life -Evolution Edit-
9. RELEASE OF THE FAR WEST OCEAN ~I’m here for you
10. Pandora

Falcom jdk BAND 2011 Xmas Live in YOKOHAMA BAY HALL – Price: 4,800
The blu-ray disc of the concert on 12/10/2011 will also be available at Comiket.

1. The Azure Arbitrator
2. Guruguru Tonight
3. Oretachi no Legend
4. Gin no Ishi Kin no Tsubasa ~THE ANIMATION EDIT~
5. Kiyoshiko no Yoru
6. I swear…
7. Kohaku no Ai
8. Hoshi no Arika
9. Endless History
10. To Make The End of Battle
13. MIGHTY OBSTACLE ~ The Wind of Zemeth
14. Maybe it was fated
15. Aoi Kiseki
16. Cry for me, cry for you
17. RELEASE OF THE FAR WEST OCEAN ~ I’m here for you
18. Instrumental Medley (Overdosing Heavenly Bliss ~ Stopper ~ Inevitable Struggle)
19. Gin no Ishi Kin no Tsubasa

Bonus Materials:
* Falcom jdk BAND 2011 X’mas Live in YOKOHAMA BAY HALL Back Stage
* Falcom jdk BAND 2011 X’mas Live?Rehersal The Day Before
* jdk TV Official blu-ray Edition

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