Falcom Magazine # 17 Now On Sale

THelatest issue of Falcom Magazine is now live for digital purchase on Shinanobook.

This issue contains the following:

* Novel: The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki ~ Afternoon Tea and Sugar – Written by: Kamiya Murasaki, Art by: Kubocha
* Manga: Sora no Kiseki – Loewe Monogatari – by Tarahi Rakuji
* Behind the Scenes with ‘Tio’s Falcom Radio: This is a Pain… but I’ll do my Best’
* 4koma Manga: Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy – Daisuke Arakubo
* Novel: The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki – Kingdom Snapshot – Written by: Miyabi Hasegawa
* Novel: The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Short Stories – Written by: Daisuke Tazawa
* Latest Information on Ys – Foliage Ocean in Celceta
* Falcom News
* Fanart Collection

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