Falcom Radio Episode 39 Now Live

Onceagain, Falcom Radio welcomes guest Rina Satou for her second episode on the show. This episode also features Shiorin both drawing and cooking, and Gachikun unexpected bad luck. Rina will be going through round two of the reader questions, and they also talk about the little ‘mascots’ that they received. Hell Shiorin is truly terrifying, while Gatiosan is adorable?

The next episodes, 40 and 41, will feature the guest Hidehiko Kaneko, the voice actor for Joachim Gunter in Zero no Kiseki Evolution.
Episodes 42 and 43 will feature Mitsuki Saiga, the voice actress for Joshua Bright. They are currently accepting listener tweets for questions to Saiga-san.

[ Tio’s Falcom Radio – This is a Pain, but I’ll do my Best ]

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