Individual Shop Bonuses for Zero Evolution

Amongstthe information that’s come out on Zero no Kiseki Evolution, there has been a reveal of a number of goods that will come from various stores, depending on who you are ordering your copy of the game with.

“Purring Mishie” – A telephone card available through purchase with Sofmap.

“Vacation” – A bromide available through Animate

“Revenge! Almorica Ancient Highway” – A QUO card available through Seagal’s

“Secretary Elie” – A prepaid card through Imagine Magical Park

“Welcome to Trinity” – A telephone card available through Anibro Gamers

“Shopping Perseverance” – A telephone card through Fammy’s

“The Creatures’ Siesta” – A clear file through Chara-Ani

“Enigma Set” – IC Card stickers available through Kougadou Studios’ Omnishop

GEO and Tatsuya have yet to reveal their bonus items.

[ Zero no Kiseki Evolution Official Website ]

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  1. Did the art from the shop-specific goods for Ao show up in one of the recent books? I’m trying to figure out the odds of getting clean versions of these pictures someday.

    Also, who wants to bet Joshua is performing a dramatic reading from The Doll Knight in that one picture?

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