Picspam Review of the Chinese Ys Seven PC Box Set

WhileI was sick, my copy of the Ys Seven box from China came in. I didn’t really have the ability to get my good camera like I did with the Zero no Kiseki box, so I promise I’ll try to do better with the Ao no Kiseki box next year.

I’ll put in a cut, since this will have a lot of images. I apologize for the quality, as these photos were taken from my cell phone.

First off, the box is huge. On that first image, you can see my water bottle sitting next to it. This is a small one, at least, but the size of this box is significantly larger than that from the Zero no Kiseki set. It is, like the other, a heavy cardboard and it seems very durable.

Everything was pretty much stacked up in the inside. The heavy DVD case that was used this time actually weathered the shipping better than the little CD jewelcase that the game disc for Zero was packaged in.

One of the first things that I dug out was the controller. I’ve heard that different people had different colors for it, too. I hardly expected a red one. I’m not complaining, however, I like it. Just last night, I set it up so that it was functional with Oath in Felghana and Origin on Steam. It plays better than my current one, and is very comfortable for my hands. (I’ve got small hands, though!) I wasn’t too interested in it originally, but I’m glad I got it now that I have it.

But it’s a good thing that it works on the Windows drivers. My driver disc was damaged en route. Oh well.

One of the items included is a story book. Unfortunately, as I can’t read a lick of Chinese, I’ve not really done more than flip through it. I can’t tell you the story within it.

This is, of course, the instruction manual.

Another book. This one is a Chinese translation of the artbook that was released by Falcom sometime ago with the character art and setting details.

This is the limited box of books. Yet another one. This time, it’s the game’s strategy guide. The complete guide, I believe, was also translated from the original complete guide that was released in Japan.

This appears to be some sort of telephone card, featuring nice artwork of Maya by Enami Katsumi.

This is a neat metal pendant. I don’t think I’d wear it everywhere, like I have with my Guy Bannings or Wazy pendants from the Zero box, but it’s still neat. The ‘Ys’ logo set in the center actually can move around and rotate on its own. The metals are solid and it just looks nice altogether.

A crystal image block featuring Tio and KeA. I was surprised to see Zero/Ao no Kiseki art, but I’m not complaining. My first impression when I pulled this out of the box was ‘man this is heavy!’ –and it is. Deceptively so. The Ao no Kiseki set should have one as well, and I’m really eager for it. This is a nice, high quality item.

Now we’re at the item I ordered the box set for. The Adol figure. It’s a fairly light plastic, so it’s not a heavy figurine at all. It’s a very nice one, as well… but due to the ‘light’ feel of the plastic, it somewhat feels fragile in some places.

Miniature Feena figure. This is the mock Nendoroid Puchi that I got with my set, and I’m very happy that I got Feena. She’s definitely one of my favorites of the series as a whole. This is a far better figure than my Lloyd one. (One of his tonfas broke), and it is good and stable. She’s happily found a home with Lloyd, Tio, and Elie on my desk at work.

All in all, this is a pretty great boxed set, but I think I like the Zero no Kiseki one better. However, I don’t regret purchasing it, and I found enough value in it to make up for the purchase in the first place.

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  1. hi, i’m from the Philippines and i really wanna buy this set especialy the Adol figure. How and where can i get this set? Thanks.

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