Presenting the Extra Life 2012 Raffle! Win either Ys Celceta, an Estelle Scroll, or the jdk BAND blu-ray!

Afterwriting and testing and more writing and more testing, I can finally present to you the Endless History raffle for Extra Life 2012.

Through my raffle, you can win one of three items:
* Ys the Foliage Ocean in Celceta 25th Anniversary Box for the Playstation Vita
* Estelle Bright Ao no Kiseki wall scroll
* Falcom jdk BAND Live X’Mas in Yokohama blu-ray

One of these high dollar prizes can be yours! I will draw three names (and maybe more the day of, if I have other things going on!) throughout October 13, 2012 to win one of these. All you have to do is donate $10 to Extra Life to obtain a raffle ticket. You can always get more, too! $20 will get you 2 tickets, $30 will get you 3, and so forth. With your generosity, you increase your chances for one of these incredible prizes.

100% of the funds go directly to the Children’s Miracle Network. I will not see or touch a single penny of your donations at all, and as always, the CMN is a tax deductible organization.

You can find my site on it here! …or you can just hit the link from the top. Easy enough, right?

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