Ys Celceta x Playstation Vita Campaign for a Leather Smartkey Holder Announced

Ifyou get The Foliage Ocean in Celceta along with a 3G Playstation Vita at one of the participating Bic Camera or Sofmap stores, you will also be given the smartkey case as a gift. The presentation of this case looks fantastic.

The key case itself is real leather, and has the Ys emblem stamped onto it with a leather strap. It measures 55mm x 90mm.
It is packaged in a black case that is silver-leafed/stamped, and measures 84mm x 150mm x 38mm.
You will also receive a card with a serial # to say which numbered case you received.

The bundle for both the system and the standard edition version of the game costs 34,180 yen from Bic Camera.

Smartkeys are the car keys where you don’t need to actively use it. It just needs to be on your person when you open the door or use the push button for the ignition.

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