Ao no Kiseki Rerelease and the Reveal of New Kiseki Title Possibly Happening This Winter

Itappears like the announcement for the next Kiseki title is sitting on the horizon. HMV revealed a new version of Ao no Kiseki to be released on 12/13, stating that it’s a commemorative edition of the PSP title to celebrate the announcement of the new game.

Kondo has announced in multiple interviews that the company has been working hard on the next Kiseki title, and that it will be sporting a new graphics system. It’s a sure bet that it won’t be on PSP, but there hasn’t been too much to imply the direction that Falcom will be going for it.

No matter what it is, it seems that we will be learning in a little more than a month.

[ HMV Product Page ]

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7 Replies to “Ao no Kiseki Rerelease and the Reveal of New Kiseki Title Possibly Happening This Winter”

  1. Yeah, I’ll agree that it seems that it won’t be for PSP; most likely PS3/Vita or PC.

    By graphical style does that mean that they may be ditching the sprites in favour of 3D models like Ys SEVEN/Celceta? I kinda liked them.

    1. I have a feeling that it’ll be closer to Celceta. Kondo’s been talking about what we’ve seen in Celceta being a bit of what they’ve been working on.

      Though I imagine that we can also look at Nayuta, since they said that they learned a lot while working on the PSP games thus far, too.

    1. It’s not an Evolution version of Ao, I suspect. Falcom’s got a habit of releasing repackages of their games. Last December, they released a combo box for both Zero and Ao to celebrate Ao getting a Playstation User’s Choice Award.

      And Kondo’s already confirmed in earlier interviews that this will be a Zemuria story game, since Falcom’s been working on one for awhile now.

    1. You know, I didn’t realize that there was a particular lack of Ao no Kiseki on the UMD Passport. That’s very strange- though I also now see that Zero isn’t on it, too.

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