Falcom Now Making DRM Free Digital Purchases Available on Amazon


On2/6, the first five albums that Falcom is making available for digital purchase on Amazon.com will go on sale. These albums are, just as with the iTunes albums, DRM-free mp3s. They will also be available in Japan, North America, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia.

(The prices below are going to be the US prices.)

Nayuta no Kiseki Original Soundtrack – $14.49
Falcom Boss Zanmai – $9.99
Ys the Foliage Ocean in Celceta Original Soundtrack – $14.49
Hoshi no Arika Zanmai – $7.49
The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution Original Soundtrack – $18.99

[ Falcom Soundteam JDK Albums on Amazon ]

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