Falcom Shown on the List of Third Party Developers for Playstation 4


See the above picture.

Sony claims to have the support of many North American and Japanese third party developers. As you can see in the list, many smaller Japanese developers, including Falcom, are included in the list.

It’s exciting to see what they will do with the system.

Chara-Ani is also on the list. They were heavily involved in Zero no Kiseki Evolution.

EDIT #2:
Kadokawa Games is also on the list. They were the publisher of Zero no Kiseki Evolution.

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6 Replies to “Falcom Shown on the List of Third Party Developers for Playstation 4”

    1. That’s okay. I was already interested in a lot of the features. Seeing Falcom as a third-party developer, to me, was the icing on the cake.

      …now I need to brace for the worst. I need to know about region locking. D:

    1. Everyone seems to reliably point something out on that screenshot that I didn’t notice. Hahaha- I agree. You’ll never see that normally.

  1. The rest of the Legend of Heroes games will never appear in the west. xseed has made it very clear that they take too long to translate, they’re only getting longer, and the sales are not worth the cost of translation.

    With the botched Evolution launch, I’m not so sure I want Kadokawa or Chara-Ani involved with Falcom again.

    1. I think you’re assuming too much. XSEED has never said anything of the like, and I know that they’re working on it, and trying to come up with something viable on the sort. Or at least, to try to get SC out, which will give some people closure.

      The problem with that, though, is that it’s also that it took so long for someone to show any possible /do-able/ interest in the game. A lot of companies, for years, passed up on the rest of the series for those reasons.

      Chara-Ani has been continuously involved with Falcom for a very long time, longer than Zero no Kiseki Evolution, and I suspect that they will continue to be involved, seeing as they’re still making a lot of goods for upcoming games, and have been responsible for drama CD releases since Zero Evolution.

      They also were not the ones responsible for the programming issues- they were the people who cast and directed the voice work. Kadokawa was the one responsible for the publishing as well. If you want someone to lay blame on, place it on Pyra-Mid.

      However, with the bugs that Zero Evolution had, Chara-Ani and Kadokawa did what any good game company should- and that was that they acknowledged and addressed the issue as quickly as they could. A patch came out relatively soon, and it did resolve the problems. Since the patch, I’ve not once seen the freeze at all. They also are still supporting the game (I believe a patch either just recently came out, or should be coming out this week), which is pretty good considering that this is the first time Chara-Ani’s been involved in a game being developed (to my knowledge; I could be wrong on that).

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