Is Falcom Working on a New Arrange Music CD?


Falcomposted a number of odd tweets earlier today. They originally started as very vague, but they seem to have kind of developed into something a little more coherent – and exciting, if you’re a fan of the music. The first tweet posted the image above, stating that they’ve arrived.

Next tweet has this picture, saying, ‘Gades Okajima discovered!’ Okajima is ‘Okaji’ and the drummer of the JDK Band.

The next picture afterwards is Kamicha directing!

Mishie spotted:

This image also had, ‘To make the end of battle!’ in the tweet.

Discussing the differences between hearing ‘To Make’ as played by the jdk Band vs it played by a brass band.

Last, but not least, an image of sheet music:

These posts reveal that there was an orchestral recording of some sort. They also reveal that at least two favorites: To Make the End of Battle from Ys II and Get Over the Barrier from Zero no Kiseki were involved.

What other songs would you hope that they performed?

[ @NihonFalcom on Twitter ]

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  1. Obviously more unused Ys IV songs. Also, a couple more obscure wishes: Another Tale of Heroes (White Witch), Gadobadorrer (Brandish 2), Legend of the Wind (KazeDen Xanadu) and Phantasmal Blue Flowers (SnK The 3rd).

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