[Magazine Leak] New Sen no Kiseki Information



Emma Milstein
The chairman of Class VII. A girl with her long hair in a braid. She wears glasses and her weapon is an orbal staff. She’s a commoner from a remote region of the Empire, and is a student on a full scholarship having received top scores on tests for the military academy. She is very helpful to others. She has a lot of knowledge of herbs, and secretly takes care of a cat.

Fii Krauzel
A girl with silver hair in a short hairstyle, and a member of Class VII. She’s younger than her peers at 15 years old, has an unknown history, and has a habit of sleeping anywhere she lies down. Her weapons are twin revolvers with bayonets attached.

Eliza Schwartzer
The daughter of Baron Schwartzer and his wife, and she is Rean’s younger sister. She has dark purple hair in a ‘straight long’ style. One year ago, she began to attend the St. Astraiya Girl’s School in Heimdallr. She is close friends with Rean’s real siblings [ed: by blood], and she has slowly grown distant to Rean himself.

Major Nighthart
A soldier that was transferred to the academy to be an instructor on military affairs. He is extremely serious and does not get along with Sara, another instructor with Class VII.



* This city is where Eusis of Class VII comes from; the family of Duke Albarea lives here.
* Lately, the citizens have been speaking out against large-scale increases to their taxes.
* They specialize in gems and fur production, and these workers live in the city.
* The city has the following locations: Central Plaza, Artisian Street, Restaurants, Tailor, and a cathedral for the Septian Church
* Any clothes showing in the window at the tailor will be purchaseable.

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6 Replies to “[Magazine Leak] New Sen no Kiseki Information”

  1. Dat meganekko.

    Well, looking at the archetypes present, now there’s only the genki airhead (Squeenix’s favourite) to add, but I hope they keep her out of the party.

    1. She’s a confirmed playable character so I don’t know about her being out of the party. Besides toothbrush the series has had airheads and other archetypes before, falcom just knows how to use archetypes like they are supposed to be used. BY that I mean they don’t let them shape the whole character.

      1. >She’s a confirmed playable character so I don’t know about her being out of the party.

        I didn’t mean the meganekko nor the kuudere revealed here. I know they’re playable characters.

  2. Another orbal staff user? Great, that probably means we’ll have real party customization possibilities this time around.

  3. All the designs look good so far, I’m loving the gunknife and silver hair that phi has. I like the girl with glasses as well and I don’t normally like characters with glasses(well the nerdy types anyway)

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