New Famitsu Leak for Sen no Kiseki – 4/23/2013


Correction:I originally, and incorrectly, labeled these as the Dengeki Scans. VividAriah has corrected me with them being the Famitsu scans. I’ve corrected the references in the article, but the filenames have not been changed.



Gaius Worzel
Player character. 17 years old. Uses a spear for a weapon.
A young man with somewhat long hair in the back. He’s from the Nord Plateau in the northeast region of the empire, and he is tall with dark skin. At home, he helps out with a business to raise horses and sheep in large fields. He is the oldest of four children, with a younger brother and two younger sisters. His grades are generally poor, but that’s because he’s from an area too remote to have attended church school. He is granted entry into the military academy through the endorsement of a military commander that has appeared in the previous titles.

Note: Nord Plateau – a plateau found in the northeastern region of Erebonia. There are disputes between Erebonia and Calvard for control of this land.


Captain Claire
A young woman, 24 years old, with blue hair in a side ponytail. She is a military police officer, assigned to working on the railways. Her weapon is an orbal gun.
She is one of the Prime Minister’s ‘Iron Breed,’ and she is in a position of high command. She and Sara have met each other before. Her family name is to be revealed in the game, and she has ties to another character in the series.

Note: Military Police – Elite soldiers from the military that were selected by Prime Minister Osborne.
Note #2: Iron Breed – Youth that were hand selected by Prime Minister Osborne. Lechter, who also appeared in the previous games is also one of the Iron Breed. Staff has also commented that their informants work closely with the military police.


Rufus Albarea
A man with long blond hair, 27 years old, and uses a blade for his weapon. He is Jusis’ older brother.
Rufus is the heir in the Albarea family, and he and a ‘certain imperial prince’ are popular topics amongst the nobles. He is frank towards his people. He believes that the class system is necessary, and intends to hold back the reformist group.

Note: Olrox Fortress – A large fort from the middle ages located east of Bareahardt. Recently, military maneuvering has allowed them to begin to restore it.

Game System


System Menu
* Equipment
* Orbment
* Item
* Status
* Link (New Component – select a character’s link partner here to gain abilities. Character’s abilities increase according to their relationship with the link.)
* Tactics (Possibly seven character system with link partners? A screenshot has four main characters and three support characters.)
* Note (Access to a notebook system)
* System


HUD in Battle
* AT Bar and Bonus – Upper left hand of the screen. This shows the turn order for the characters.
* Brave Points – Upper right hand section of the screen. Their use is still unknown.
* Attack – One option on the ring menu.
* Craft – Same as above
* Items – Same as above
* Retreat – Same as above
* Movement – Same as above
* Arts – Same as above
* T-LINK – Used with the R1 button. Used for tactical link?
* R1 Button – Seems to be possible to use this to change your party members.
* S-BREAK – Triangle button allows you to use the special S-Crafts.
* Automatic Combat – Use the select button to trigger auto battle. This allows for automatic fighting using basic attacks.


ARCUS Orbment
State of the art portable device

This is the latest model of the portable orbal device used to strengthen its owner and grant them the ability to use orbal arts. Along with abilities similar to those from the previous game, Ao no Kiseki, these devices now provide a new battle link ability.

The ARCUS orbment, from the images, appears to be an eight slot orbment with a master slot in the center.


Link Attack

Within battle, if a partner changes their stance, then it’s your chance to strike with a Link Attack. Seek to use concentrated strikes with link attacks on powerful enemies.

Famitsu Scans:

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[ Image Source: @VividAriah on Twitter ]

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  1. >Her family name is to be revealed in the game, and she has ties to another character in the series.
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    Nice post. Good to see some actual game info surfacing at last.

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