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Elisa Schwarzer
Rean’s adoptive sister, and the biological daughter of Baron Schwarzer and his wife. She is a sweet girl with a dignified appearance, with her long black hair neatly kept at one length. A year ago, she began to attend the St. Astraia Girl’s School. When she was younger, she was very attached to Rean, but of late, her attitude towards him has changed.

She comes to meet Rean at the military academy after a particular incident…

Major Neithardt
A great soldier from the Imperial Army (Fourth Tank Division) transferred to the military academy to be an instructor for military affairs. He’s a handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes, but as he’s so serious, he seems to lack social graces.

He has a suspicious view of Sara, who runs Class VII. Despite her skills, he dislikes her lifestyle and her teaching methods, which causes conflicts between the two of them.



St. Astraia Girl’s School
A school with an extensive heritage in the capital city that allows enrollment from noble girls. Recently, they have allowed enrollment to commoner girls, but on a rare basis. At this time, it seems like they may have a girl from the imperial family, as well…

Imperial Army of Erebonia
The national army of Erebonia where the emperor has the commanding role. They and the military for the Calvard Republic are the largest scale militaries in the Zemuria continent. Through the resources of the Zexon Iron Mine, and the powerful orbment manufacturing company, Reinfort, they have been able to modernize the army significantly, and possess over 20 armored divisions with tanks.

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