Sen no Kiseki Opening Shown at Sofmap Event on 6/29/2013


Recordedfrom the video screen at the event that took place in Japan today.

Some screenshots from the opening are below:

BN5rdJDCAAMHKd3.jpg large


BN5rowkCUAAN_xb.jpg large

BN5rwiKCQAAsi5l.jpg large

BN5r4zwCEAA2bR2.jpg large

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3 Replies to “Sen no Kiseki Opening Shown at Sofmap Event on 6/29/2013”

  1. Are those three villain types ouroboros agents, or some random faction? Their designs look kind of stupid. The guy in the middle reminds me of Joachim.

  2. Those are Ouroboros-made Overmuppets behind them so I’m thinking they’re more Red Constellation 2.0 than Capua 2.0 and thus unlikely to ever be our friends. Assuming they’re Jaegers and not Legion members, they could easily be remnants of the Jesters.

    Anyhow, so much speculation fodder here. I’m expecting Falcom to release a movie trailer a la Ao fairly soon now that the OP has been shown.

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