Field Zanmai Track List and Audio Samples

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At Comiket, Falcom will be selling a number of goods- amongst them will be the next chapter of the Zanmai albums: Field Zanmai. A rearrange CD that is a collection of overworld/field themes from a variety of Falcom titles.

1. First Step Towards Wars (Ys I&II Chronicles (Ys I))
2. Field (Dragon Slayer – The Legend of Heroes)
3. MOUNTAIN PATH (The Legend of Heroes III White Witch)
4. On the Green Road (The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki)
5. Motto Chikaku de (The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki – Vocal arrange of How to Walk in Liberl)
6. Gust of Wind (Ys the Foliage Ocean in Celceta)
7. QUATERA WOODS (Ys VI the Ark of Napishtim)
8. Castle of Sand (Sorcerian: The Cursed Oasis)
9. Le Prelude Pour Xanadu (Xanadu)
10. Get Over the Barrier! (The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki)

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