Official Sen no Kiseki PV Released


Earlier today, the PV for Sen no Kiseki was released by Falcom. This includes video of the game in action, and large parts of the opening.

From this point on, we can expect a number of new information from Falcom coming out, in the form of multimedia.

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3 Replies to “Official Sen no Kiseki PV Released”

  1. If anything… new scans are out naming the senpais and the lovely sky colored hair mysterious loli. (Miriam Orion)

    The details is more awesome though, just reading the article has my hype over. especially about th ruins under Toll’s old school building… man I love it when something from the middle ages of the Zymlan Continent shows up… it can only mean one thing.. >.>

    1. A giant robot (or some unholy abomination of similar size) trying to kill us? The ancient Zemurians, leaving dangerous toys lying around for over 1200 years.

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