Trails in the Sky SC Coming to Steam and Playstation Network in 2014 – FC Released on Steam in Winter 2013


After an evening of teasing yesterday, XSEED’s image happens to be that of Agate’s arm. This confirms that it is, in fact, the much awaited Trails in the Sky SC being announced for release on Steam and PSN.

Trails in the Sky SC will be translated via partnership with Carpe Fulgur LLC, and released for PC via Steam and for Playstation Portable/Playstation Vita via Playstation Network.

The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC was originally released for PC in 2006, and for Playstation Portable in 2007. It boasts a game script of significant magnitudes and with both FC and SC combined, you are guaranteed to have over 100 hours of gameplay.

Trails in the Sky FC will also be released for Steam Winter 2013, allowing for the duology of games to be together on the platform. This will set the path for Second Chapter and its release in 2014 for both systems.

Trails in the Sky SC picks up the morning after the shocking events of First Chapter’s ending. The game will feature new characters, as well as many beloved characters from the previous installment. Not only will many of the secrets of Liberl be revealed, but so will those of Zemuria- paving the way for the great adventure ahead.

The game’s system boasts an upgraded, 7-slot orbment, fishing and cooking systems, as well as party selection in select scenarios and the additional Chain Craft system which allows you to select multiple characters to act at one point.

For those who are interested, please view Falcom’s original trailer from 2006 below:

9 Replies to “Trails in the Sky SC Coming to Steam and Playstation Network in 2014 – FC Released on Steam in Winter 2013”

  1. This was great news when it appeared on my desktop today. The only stinker in the works for me is the lack of a physical release, even for the PS3/Vita.

    1. Which is why hard copies are so nice – you can buy a couple copies to show your support. Harder to do it with digital downloads.

        1. ….Which can disappear if Steam’s database decides to have a brain-fart. This, as told to me by a fan of Steam, regarding his copy of Spore.

          No, thanks. I prefer to have something I can physically hold and give to people


          1. wat

            Seriously, I never saw anyone having that problem.

            If one thing, it was probably during a Free Weekend, which the games “disappear” from your account then the time is up

          2. No, it was not a Free Weekend promotion. It was a copy the guy paid for and all.

            Steam makes me feel as if I am being able to rent a game I paid full price for. I will admit to never liking Steam and after the debacle with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I am even less enthused about it.

            (For some reason, the reply link is not showing up for messages later on the thread.)

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