Falcom Game-Along Month With Chic Pixel


Forthe month of January, Anne Lee (@apricotsushi on twitter) has declared a game-along month focused entirely on the games from Falcom’s library. She gives a lot of great advice on where to start, seeing as the Ys games are currently on sale on Steam.

Anne has stated that she’ll be playing XSEED’s recently released Memories of Celceta, Gurumin, and Trails in the Sky- amongst other titles.

If you wish to chat this up on twitter, people are also using the hashtag ‘#falcomonth’ as well. Are you interested in jumping in as well? What will you be playing? (I know mine- I still have yet to really get started on Memories of Celceta, as well!)

[ Chic Pixel – Announcing the January Nihon Falcom Community Game-along!

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