Joyoland to Release Ys Memories of Celceta to PC in China


Joyolandhas announced that they will be bringing Ys the Memories of Celceta to PC to China soon. While this was Falcom’s first release to the Playstation Vita, this will continue Joyoland’s history of porting Falcom’s recent titles to the PC.

Of course, if history continues as well, a downside is that it will also feature the always online DRM that Joyoland’s games have all used. However, there is an upside- we get to look forward to the awesome limited edition boxes that will come out soon.

[ Falcomchina Blog (In Chinese) ]
[ Joyoland News Article (In Chinese) ]

3 Replies to “Joyoland to Release Ys Memories of Celceta to PC in China”

  1. Where’s that English Ys7PC you promised, Joyoland? If you’re not gonna do it, give it to XSEED. I’m sure they’d love to have all of my moneys.

  2. Exactly this. Just WHERE the heck is Ys Seven on PC/Steam? Not gonna even mention Ark of Napishtim.

    Fucking chinese

    1. Very belated response, but I’m pretty sure that if Joyoland were to release Ys Seven in English, it wouldn’t be in Steam, and it would be heavily buried in the same DRM they used for the domestic release they had there. While it may be a disappointing thing to not have it, it would be a single-player game with always-online DRM running with it, for the most part. It’s probably a bit of a blessing in disguise, since something like that might leave behind a “bad taste” with the Ys series, since the XSEED releases aren’t like that at all.

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