Ao no Kiseki Evolution Release Date and Details from Dengeki Playstation 563


This week’s issue of Dengeki Playstation has some detailed information on Ao no Kiseki Evolution.

The release date is 6/12 of this year. I will be updating that into the calendar.

The standard edition + tax will be 5800 yen.
Limited edition from various shops will be 7800, and the Chara-Ani box will be 9800 yen.
The downloadable version will be 4800 yen.

The box will feature artwork from Enami Katsumi.

The primary change will be the full voice acting in the main scenario. Other additions include new support requests, enhanced production values, upgraded graphics, and new minigames.

The playable demo will be available on 3/27.

In an interview with members from Chara-Ani and Pyra-Mid, they revealed that it was very difficult making the game fit on the Vita card. They joked that if SCE hadn’t come out with a high-capacity card for them to use, then the game may have been a two Vita card game.

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  1. I’m still impressed the game fit on a single UMD originally. I mean, it contains Arianrhod, two Dominion, Tiosuke, Noel’s beret, Penguin KeA and some of the most braiin-meltingly awesome music Falcom has composed.

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